Project | 01
Project | Sign Icon - Client TLTI
Outline of Project :Create 5 distinct Logos for the following communities : Lyndhurst , Ivy Lea , Rockport Lansdowne and Seeley’s Bay.
Each logo must work within the signage standards design provided . Each unique graphic must be only white/blue .Each logo must be unique to each community based on the research provided. 
Project | 02
Project | Investment 36 pg Booklet 
Town of Gananoque 

2014 Economic Development of Canada Marketing Award:Brochure - Rush Hour 

2014 Economic Development of Canada Marketing Honourable Mention brochure - Rush Hour 

2014 Economic Development of Ontario Marketing Award 1000 Reason- Investment Video

Project | 03
Project | Corporate Marketing 

Working with the Town of Gananoque  Economic Development Manager we worked to create an overarching strategy and brand. From guides, banners, posters,parking signs , there is a synergy between all designs.

Project | 04
Project | Illustration &  Design

Working with clients to create illustrations and logos that reflect the character and brand of their business that is one of a kind .

Project | 05
Project | Illustration / Poster Design

Downtown Saskatoon Alley door project

Project | 6
Project | Tourism 1000 Islands Souvenir Map

Working with Town of Gananoque to create a fun engaging tourism map that incorporates key attractions in the region